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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to receive a quote?

    Once you put your list of equipment together and request a quote from your shopping cart, it normally takes 1 business day for a Fitline representative to put together a good quote and send it back. Built to order or specialty items may take longer.

    How long does it take to have equipment installed?

    Once a quote is accepted and payment terms for an invoice are agreed on, equipment installation can take from 3 days (if equipment is in stock at our warehouse) to 3 weeks, depending on freight time, assembly time and installation coordination. Back-ordered or built to order equipment may take longer. Other things to consider are if the installation team needs to carry the equipment up stairs or navigate tight turns or narrow hallways.

    Who installs the equipment?

    Fitline Fitness Equipment is partnered with Fitness Logic Service to bring you the absolute best equipment, service and customer experience. All installation and service (in and out of warranty) is performed by certified equipment technicians. Our team has been successfully installing, maintaining and servicing fitness equipment for many years. We provide a professional installation and service experience. 

    Who services the equipment after it is installed?

    After your equipment is installed, our service team from Fitness Logic is on standby in case any in-warranty or out-of-warranty service issues come up. Our service team members are certified for all equipment installation and warranty work. We strive to provide the most professional service experience. Routine maintenance programs are available and recommended. 

    What payment options are available?

    Payment is by check or credit card, or, depending on the type and quantity of equipment purchased, zero percent payment options are available.

    What geographic area does Fitline Fitness Equipment serve?

    Fitline Fitness Equipment is a Southeast supplier and service provider for premium fitness equipment. Our local service area is the Tampa Bay region and our satellite affiliates extend our reach to Alabama, Georgia, North and South Florida. We also direct ship many of our brands across the continental United States.