Precor TRM-211 Treadmill

The Precor 211 treadmill is a perfect partner for your cardio or weight loss program. Durable construction and quality components are designed and tested for years of reliability and trouble-free no-maintenance operation. This treadmill is easy to operate and comes packed with enough variations to keep you challenged as your fitness increases. The Precor TRM-211 is our most compact and affordable treadmill yet integrates some of the sophisticated design features found on our high-end professional models. Featuring speeds up to 12 MPH, a 15% incline elevation range for uphill training, and a quiet 3-horsepower motor, the maintenance-free Precor TRM-211 is perfect for athletes who want a durable, long-lasting treadmill that can fit into a smaller space.

  • Energy Stride™ Technology
  • 6 preset workouts
  • 0.5 MPH walk to 12 MPH run
  • Up to 15 degree hill climb
  • No Maintenance design

Sale $1,999
Precor Florida Sales

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