Precor-Treadmills-GFX-Ground-Effect-Impact-Control-SystemPrecor GFX Ground Effects Impact Control technology overcomes a crucial treadmill problem – how to engineer a running surface that is solid enough to provide maximum stability, and pliable enough to absorb high-impact motion. Most treadmill decks flex like an inverted bow to absorb shock. That solves one problem—it reduces stress on joints. But it creates a new one—it is difficult to push off, like jogging in the sand.

We analyzed the problem and redefined high-impact running as a low-impact sport that didn’t have to sacrifice stability, safety, or speed. The results were a patented treadmill design that outperforms a natural running surface. When you run outdoors, the earth provides rock-solid stability. That’s essential for a vigorous, safe running experience. But every time your foot hits the ground, it stresses knees, ankles, hips, and other joints—creating discomfort that quickly fatigues the body.

Precor GFX, found on all Precor premium treadmills, revolutionized treadmill deck design with more absorption in the front where your foot hits the belt, added rigidity at the back for a firm push off, and greater overall stability vital for healthy joints and safe running.

When you run on a Precor treadmill you experience an enhanced workout that:

  • Absorbs high-impact movements
  • Reduces joint stress and minimizes fatigue
  • Supports a solid and controlled push off