Xebex AirPlus Cycle

Newest & Coolest HIIT Cycle!

  • Dual Resistance – Air & Magnetic
  • 10 Levels Air – 8 Levels Magnetic
  • Ergonomically Correct & Comfortable
  • Advanced Feedback Display

The air-based flywheel puts the rider in control of intensity at all times. The damper allows the rider to adjust the amount of airflow on the left-hand side of flywheel during his or her ride, which can increase or decrease the intensity. Rider can easily keep track of the resistance level the damper is set on, with our brightly-lit display.

Increase your power and strength training by adjusting our AirPlus (magnetic) resistance as well. On the right-hand side of the flywheel, the rider can pull the AirPlus knob and adjust between 1-8 levels to further increase the resistance. Using just air, the rider can mimic about 0-15 degrees of incline. Add the magnetic and the rider can mimic up to 35 degree incline.

Xebex Florida Sales

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