How Great Is A Stepmill?

How great is a stepmill? Stepmills, AKA Stairmaster (the original brand), are so functional and effective they are becoming more and more popular. They essentially have replaced the Stepper, which was popular years (decades) ago. Climbing stairs is an exercise that is natural, builds strength and can kick your cardiovascular system into high gear. A daily dose of stepmill work can transform your body into a lean and mean machine. 

Here is a real person doing a real 7 day stepmill challenge, you can see the results she achieves and what the workout feels like:

There are several excellent brands/ models if you want to consider a stepmill for your home: See them here:

Stairmaster 4G, 8GX, 10G

Precor SCL-835 Stair Climber

Life Fitness Powermill